Who we are

Qurtuba Islamic Academy is a private Muslim School that offers both Islamic and educational instruction. The curriculum is broadly governed by the Department of Education CAPS Policy. Learners will write the public National Senior Certificate Examination in Grade 12, which for successful candidates, results in being awarded with a school-leaving certificate.

QIA offers academic placements from Grade 000 – Grade 12. We are registered with The Department of Education and ISASA.

The school is fortunate to always be fully staffed with experienced and qualified Academic and Islamiyaat teachers. We offer small class sizes, to ensure a better learning environment and individual attention.

The aim of the school is to pursue a high standard of education and to extend pupils academically.

QIA History

Alhumdulliah, with the immense blessings of the Almighty Allah, the Adamjee family have been enriched by their children and many grandchildren, who each bring forth exceptional light and joviality.

The best gift one can give a child is that of an education, and in gratitude for their bounties, the Adamjee family wanted to share this gift with as many other children as they could. It was their dream to establish an educational institute which would be unique, dynamic, safe and uplifting in all spheres. Qurtuba Islamic Academy transpired from one family’s heartfelt aspirations into a thriving and accessible campus for all.

In the summer of 2014, the Adamjee family decided that the need for such an institute in the Linbro Park area was of paramount importance, and this spurred on the establishment of Qurtuba Islamic Academy. The idea of combining school and Madressah was to effortlessly and intrinsically implement the concept that ‘Life is living Islamically’.

After months of intense effort and consultation, together with the assistance of various knowledgeable individuals, ideas were captured and refined, and the best resources were acquired with the infinite grace of Almighty Allah.

The foremost vision of Qurtuba Islamic Academy is to instil love: Love of the Almighty Allah and the love of His beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This vision will ensure the success of all stakeholders in every facet of life. It will enhance the broader vision which is to be an institute of educational excellence, producing well-rounded learners whose sense of humanity will allow them to uplift the community and nation.

The dream of the Adamjee Family became a reality in January 2016 when Qurtuba Islamic Academy welcomed a complement of outstanding staff and 120 learners!

May the visions of QIA be materialised for generations to come…

Message from the Head of Islamiyaat

This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion’ (S: 5, V: 3).

The Quran describes the Deen of Islam as complete. This verse which was revealed during the Farewell Pilgrimage of our Nabi Muhammad (SAW), essentially means that the message of Islam and its application will transcend age and era.

Today’s society and the youth in particular are faced with many challenges which sometimes contradicts the essence of Islam. Through the extensive QIA Islaamiyat curriculum, learners will be able to equip themselves with basic knowledge which enable them to practice the Deen and collaborate their thoughts and ideas on contemporary topics, from an Islamic perspective.

QIA plays an important role in the holistic Tarbiyyah of learners. Emphasis is placed on good values and outstanding Akhlaaq as defined by our beloved leader Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

We are committed in developing a strong Islamic identity in our learners so that they will be able to withstand the challenges of our multi-cultural society.

Moulana M.A. Rajah

Message from the CEO/PRINCIPAL

I am thrilled to share the news that the much-awaited Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA) campus is now open.

We envision a school of excellence manifesting itself in its quality learning and teaching, complemented by state of the art amenities and choice of unique extra-curricular activities. This school is for astute parents seeking to benefit from a visionary board, a passionate team and world class facilities. I am proud to lead this institution at this historic juncture. It is an extraordinary moment to be caring about education as the challenges have never been greater, the opportunities never more present, and the need for success never more critical.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey ahead.

Imtiaz Saib


  • To be an institution of educational excellence, producing well-rounded learners whose sense of humanity will allow them to uplift the community and the nation.

  • To be able to provide a spiritual and holistic education for all learners with an Islamic ethos.

  • To develop their talents and skills to their full potential.

  • To be able to contribute to society, using the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah as a source of guidance.


  • Qurtuba Islamic Academy is committed to providing learners with the highest standard of holistic education, encompassing Islamic principles and practices.

  • To encourage critical thinking, responsible behaviour and sound moral values.

  • To contribute to the well-being of society.

  • To enable harmonious existence in a multi-cultural community.

  • To preserve an Islamic identity with pride and dignity.

Our Values




Be sincere, trustworthy and act with honour.




Achieve excellence in all facets of life, with an emphasis on moral and academic merits.




Have respect and see value in oneself and all.




Live life with  positive faith




Acknowledge one’s imperfections and be willing to improve.




Uphold high moral standards and character (Akhlaaq).

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